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Donnerstag, 11.04.2019

EASA-Vorschriften leicht & verständlich &Part M/ EASA- regulations easy & practical tips

help you to understand & apply it more effectively; Finally issue of Part-Light
Referent: Eugen Schneider dba.„Sch*Airservice“ 
13:30 Uhr bis 14:00 Uhr
Konferenz-Zentrum Ost, Raum Berlin
Dear Clients, Friends & all other ones around the “Aviation-community”,                                                                                                                              
 Let me inform all of You, that I am happy back in a german certif. EASA-Part  MG ( CAMO=Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization): CAMO-Suedwest GmbH (Saarbruecken&Trier), and also a soon certified COA-Combined Organization Approval!
This means I will be able to inspect and issue the “ARC-Airworthiness Review-certificate” and extend the annually required airworthiness of all aircraft listed SE&ME-Piston engine driven below 5,7 to. in the attached “Scope of work” and acc. also attached approval by the german LBA (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt=german CAA).
I am also licensed “DAeC”-german Aeroclub “UL-Ultra light”-Inspector.
Please feel free and consider a potential request and let us work together on Your aircrafts? 
Me and the Team I am working with, are more than happy to serve Your needs in a forseable future, and welcome You also at the coming “Aero 2019”-Exhibition in Friedrichshafen/Germany : Hall 5 and Booth  122
Be also informed about our two Seminars at the“Aero 2019”-Exhibition, focusing on the new EASA-regulations with a updated-review of GA-regulations&practical inputs and samples.

 Yours sincerely, Eugene 


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