e-flight-expo electrifies

The AERO 2017 underlines the growing importance of electric flight and the development of sustainable Technologies. Almost all manufacturers in the General aviation sector are taking this development into account.
The e-flight-expo, in cooperation with Flying Pages GmbH, will be, once again, a major section at AERO Friedrichshafen 2017. The special exhibition will be perfectly located at entrance east in hall A7 and will be supported by an interesting series of lectures on the development of electric flight.

If you wish to participate in the e-flight-expo, please follow the link below to download the registration form.

e-flight expo


We would be pleased to provide you, on request, with a tailor-made proposal at special rates for an e-flight-expo booth in hall A7.
For further information, please  contact Meike Bärenweiler by  Email or phone (+49 7541 708-367).


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