Comments about the AERO 2018

Smudo, Vocalist of the band Die Fantastischen Vier

“I have been coming to the AERO regularly since I started flying, almost every year. Today I am only here for a short time; I have a television appearance in Cologne tonight. That is only possible with a plane. I meet a lot of people here, including fellow pilots. Over time, I have also gotten to know a lot of people in the field of flying. I will always keep coming back. I was in love with flying from an early age. Flying is not a millionaires’ hobby. It is not that hard, it’s not magic. Some people save up for a sports car when they get older. A friend of mine recently said: an airplane is much better and cheaper than an expensive sports car, you just can’t drive it to the ice cream parlor.”
“When the band got popular, we had an incredible number of appearances – sometimes two on a single day. We were often only able to manage them with general aviation. So I got to know pilots and the aircraft they flew and thought it was all very exciting. The puzzle of the cockpit was especially interesting for me. I thought that one day I will do that, when I have time. Then a colleague in the music business said ‘just go to flight school.’ I was completely thrilled when I lifted off for the first time.”
“I have to travel a lot for my work (festivals, from Hamburg to Dortmund for rehearsals, four times a year to Baden-Baden) and sometimes I fly myself, it is often even cheaper than taking a car. That way I save time for my family and for work, I get back home faster and can avoid two overnight stays. As a result, work-life-balance is always positive for me.” 

Dr. Nicolas von Mende, CEO of Atlas Air Service AG

“The growth we expect in our industry has been reflected in the positive response from visitors.” 

Trevor Pegrum, Sales & Marketing Manager, Garmin

“For Garmin, the AERO is a huge success, like always. Especially this year, as we have some completely new products with us for the first time. As the largest and for us the most important aviation show in Europe, it holds a very prominent position for Garmin and brings us together every year with established customers as well as interested visitors to our stand and at the seminars. But one thing above all connects the visitors to the AERO and our staff: the passion for flight. That is why we really value the AERO and will of course be back next year.” 

Petra Steffens, Manager Marketing & Sales Rheinland Air Service

“In 2018, the AERO was again a complete success for us and our partner Honda Aircraft. As in the last few years, the AERO has not only optimally presented our aircraft and services - the proximity to the customers and the very pleasant atmosphere as well as the helpful Messe Friedrichshafen team make the show in Friedrichshafen a very special event every year.” 

Frank Liemandt, Spokesman of the German Helicopter Association (Deutscher Hubschrauber Verband)

“For the first time, we as the helicopter industry were offered our own hall including a daily conference program thanks to the wonderful support from the Messe Friedrichshafen team. It was a complete success; we were able to promote the worker bee of aviation. The daily operations of helicopters are essential to the common good, whether it be in rescue operations, police work or in the very large field represented by work flights. We were also able to get some potential new young talent in training to be pilots or technicians. We are planning to repeat and even expand this concept of the hangar with an integrated conference program next year.” 

Horst Lieb, Managing Partner, Comco Ikarus

“As far as the visitor side is concerned, the AERO was good again this year, in our view. How effective our appearance here at the show actually was is something that will become apparent later. Because the AERO is practically a home game for us (Comco Ikarus is based in Mengen), our customers expect us to have a presence here in Friedrichshafen. But at the same time, we also add more new customers every year. This year’s AERO is very important for the topic of ultralights and provides a good platform. I really hope that the weight topic gets some direction and that people know what is coming.” 

Wolfgang Nitschmann, Head of Sales, Breezer

“In addition to the topics that affect the entire industry, like drones, flight simulation and Avionics Street, this year it was possible to really push the 600-kg class in the ultralight segment. The restraint of the last few years is over and purchasing power is growing. We have signed contracts here at the show. In short: the mood is good, we are very optimistic.” 

Patrick Schutterop, Business Manager, Bose

“For us, the AERO is the most important trade show of the year. I have been here at Friedrichshafen myself for the last 10 years and have observed that the AERO gets better every year, especially as far as the quality of visitors is concerned. Here we meet people who are interested and who are active in general aviation. You also notice a thoroughly positive mood among the exhibitors.” 

Dieter Morszeck, CEO, Rimowa Flugzeugwerke AG, Junkers

“This year is the first year we are not outside and we are thrilled. Because of our location, a lot more interested visitors are coming to see us and we have had some big successes. Here at the AERO, the entire industry comes together so that we have the opportunity to get information about the latest products ourselves, from the source. I see a lot of potential for developments in the field and am looking to the future with optimism, although, with our all metal aircraft we occupy something of a niche market. In short: we have been completely satisfied with everything, from the stand assembly to the support services to the visitors. We always feel at home here.” 

Ivan Montenari, International Business Developer, Curti

“This is our first year at the AERO and this is where we unveiled our big new product: the Zefhir helicopter. We are in the best of hands in the show’s new helicopter hangar and were able to welcome many interested visitors to our exhibit. The AERO in Friedrichshafen is the Oshkosh of Europe. We definitely made the right decision when we decided to come here.” 


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