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Concorde Battery Corporation

Concorde Battery Corp Announces New EASA Certification of Batteries for Super Puma Helicopters
RG-332 Series batteries are now certified via ESTC 10068575 for installation in European registered Airbus Helicopters AS332C, AS332C1, AS332L, AS332L1, AS332L2 and EC225LP aircraft. The RG-332 Series has been exclusively designed as a drop in replacement for the original equipment battery with heated and non-heated options available. Installation requires no airframe modifications.

Concorde Battery Corporation Announces New EASA Certification for Embraer 135/145 Series Aircraft.

EASA certification has been received, based on customer demand, for installation of Concorde RG® batteries on Embraer EMB 135 & 145 aircraft using ESTC 10068179. The STC allows for installation of two RG-442 batteries designed as drop in replacements to the existing nickel cadmium batteries. Concorde's batteries are the economical solution with a lower cost of acquisition, reduced maintenance requirements, & Hazmat Shipping.

Concorde Battery Announces New EASA Certification of Platinum Series Batteries for Cessna Sovereign

?For Cessna Sovereign 680 operators who prefer lead acid technology, this is an opportunity to upgrade to Concorde batteries and improve available starting power by 20-40% over the original equipment batteries with ESTC 10068718. RG® Series batteries have a proven history of reliably supporting Pratt & Whitney PW300 series engines at a reduced cost of acquisition and with a reduced maintenance requirement. Ship Hazmat Exempt!

Concorde Battery Corporation
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