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25th Global Show for General Aviation in Friedrichshafen - Electric propulsion systems continue to be on the upswing - Industry Meeting to kick off the AERO - Discussion of new fuels:

More and more young pilots in the cockpit

06/04/2017 | Industry Meeting

Friedrichshafen, Germany - That’s something that is rare at press conferences: For the 25th birthday of the AERO, moderator Marcel Wagner struck up a rendition of "Happy Birthday” at the start of a highly professional industry conference, and all journalists sang along. In any case, there is reason to celebrate for Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann and AERO Project Manager Roland Bosch at the start of the Global Show for General Aviation: The 25th AERO is one of the world’s most important destinations for general aviation. "This year,” says Klaus Wellmann, "we are again pleased with a new record result. 707 exhibitors from 39 countries are present in Friedrichshafen, celebrating an important anniversary together with the exhibition team.” Until Saturday, April 8, 2017, the general aviation industry will be exhibiting its entire range of products on Lake Constance. The product spectrum ranges from gliders and ultralights to business jets.
To celebrate the day, Dieter Morszeck, CEO of Rimowa, also brought a flying present to Lake Constance. A brand-new Junkers F13 built according to old plans is on static display, fascinating pilots and AERO trade visitors alike: "This replica is my pride and joy - it is a dream come true for me,” Dieter Morszeck reported at the AERO Industry Meeting. To kick off the exhibition, several specialized topics of the aviation industry were discussed.

Visions and innovations are also topics of an international air show: Electric airplanes have an even greater presence at the AERO 2017: Dr. Frank Anton, Siemens AG Corporate Technology, is betting on the new technology together with Airbus: "We are convinced that hybrid-electric power can be used in regional aircraft in the future.” The aviation industry is facing a "technological revolution” in any case, according to aviation expert Rolf Dörpinghaus, Aero Space Consult. In what is known as a "pulse campaign,” at the trade fair a new process (power-to-liquid) is being presented, in which fuels are to be produced solely from green energy, water, and CO2 in the future. According to Rolf Dörpinghaus, "The aim is to become independent of fossil fuels, protect the environment, prevent aviation from being further encumbered, and deliver innovations instead of additional restrictions.”

The current business with business jets is described positively by Dr. Nicolas von Mende, CEO of Atlas Air Service AG: "We are satisfied with sales of our aircraft; we are able to look back on a good year,” said Mende at the AERO press conference, also reporting significantly "more takeoffs and landings of business travel aircraft.” Interest is high; after all, traveling by private jet is a worthwhile investment for many companies for time and cost reasons.
Having a pilot’s license seems to be an exciting option for young people. As Dr. Michael Erb, Executive Director of AOPA (Aircraft Owner and Pilot Association) Germany, said in Friedrichshafen, flight school enrollments are noticeably up. Gliders and ultralight aircraft are also in high demand for young pilots looking to get into the cockpit and take off.

The largest trade fair of general aviation in Europe will be exhibiting the complete range of gliders, ultralights, single- and twin-engine aircraft, business jets, helicopters, and gyrocopters. In addition, this year there will again be several specialized areas, including the e-flight-expo, Avionics Avenue, Engine Area, "Be a pilot,” and UAS Expo/AERODrones for civilian drones and unmanned aircraft, along with the used aircraft market. As a silver-anniversary gift, an air show with electrical and aerobatic aircraft will take place at 11 am on Saturday.

The 25th AERO will run until Saturday, April 8, 2017. More information is available at

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