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Exhibitor Comments about the AERO 2017


Tomas Brodreskift, CEO, Equator Aircraft:
"We have been working on our amphibious aircraft as a small team for seven years. We have been here at the AERO every year, and we always hoped that we would be able to present our project here one day. This is the biggest and best trade show here in Europe, so the presentation of our aircraft this year is emotional - a very big thing for us.”

 Dr. Nicolas von Mende, CEO of Atlas Air Service AG, and Gregor Bremer:
"A surprisingly large number of our customers and other people interested in Embraer Executive Jets have come to Friedrichshafen. Our visitors from Germany, Austria and Switzerland prefer the AERO, because it is easy to get to and coming here in your own plane is simple and uncomplicated. It is the special closeness with customers and the easy-going, relaxed visitor atmosphere that make the AERO so well loved. For Atlas Air Service AG as an exhibitor, it is important that, every year, the show organizers are able to flexibly and creatively fulfill new exhibit requests in the exhibition halls and open air grounds.”

Trevor Pegrum, Sales & Marketing Manager, Garmin:
"Garmin was hugely successful at the AERO 2017. Our stand was well frequented every day of the show. Our customers were eager to see our new products and innovations. Our seminars were extremely successful and the premiere of our pilot training conference was just as well attended. We are very much looking forward to the AERO 2018.”

Daniel Kunz, Head of Sales at Rheinland Air Service:
"Trade shows have two main functions: To welcome existing customers to your stand and to acquire new customers, person to person consultation and experiencing aircraft one on one. Time will tell how things develop in the aftermath of the show. As a dealer for central Europe, we meet exactly the right target audience here at the AERO. Many pilots also come here, pilots who are enthusiastic about flying, and they bring the flying bug with them, the so-called ‘Bazillus aviatikus.’”

Tom Perry, Vice President Sales for Europe, Textron Aviation
"We have been regularly coming to Friedrichshafen for 25 years. For us, the AERO 2017 was a good event, we showed a broad spectrum of our products here. We like it that you can feel a great passion for the sport of flying that flows through the halls here. It starts in the ultralight halls and carries through all the way to us. At the AERO, we have the opportunity to meet our customers and generally speaking talk with customers who have a high level of expertise. The visitors who come to Friedrichshafen have a great passion for flight, whereas other events are more sober.” Douglas May, Textron Aviation, USA adds: "We are enthusiastic about being back at the AERO. Who else but the AERO could bring together exhibitors of ultralights, business jets and manufacturers? We are here to share ideas and collaborate. That is what makes the AERO so special.”

Horst Lieb, Managing Partner, Comco Ikarus:
"For me, the AERO is the most important trade show of the year. I notice over and over that I meet dealers and customers from all across Europe here. The show is held in high esteem internationally and has grown even stronger in this regard.”

Anja Ernst, CEO of edm aerotec GmbH:
"Up to now, we have been a small company, we just got regulatory approval for our ultralight helicopter last week. Of course, now interest is very strong and the AERO provides a good networking platform. We already have interested inquiries from dealers in Asia, South Africa and the USA, but also inquiries about flight training. The collaboration with research institutions and universities here is also very interesting, especially in regard to future developments. We will continue to attend the AERO in the future, to cultivate existing contacts and further to expand our network.”

Brigitte Holighaus, Co-Owner of Schempp Hirth:
"The AERO is the only trade show that we attend. It is important for our company because an important meeting for the entire glider world takes place here every two years. Here we can present our new innovations, take orders directly and provide existing customers help with service questions - after all, about 5000 of our aircraft are in operation. We are going to stay loyal to the show, after all we have been a part of it since 1978.”

Wolfgang Nitschmann, Head of Sales, Breezer:
"You feel right at home as soon as you set foot on the fairgrounds, because there is such a comfortable atmosphere here. In terms of customers, the AERO is the only trade show in Europe where we can find a cross section of our potential customers. Friedrichshafen is and will remain the place to meet the customer groups that we are targeting. We are very satisfied with how the show went for us, we had an astounding number of new prospective customers and we are eager to see how after-show business develops.”

Martin Eskildsen, Airmaster Propellers Ltd., New Zealand:
"Despite the great distances involved, we have been here at the AERO several times now. For us, the show opens doors in European aviation and we can present our propellers to customers and dealers. We are very happy here, the AERO is well organized, provides a nice setting, and we acquire new customers.”

Giovanni Langer, TECNAM, Italy:
"It is nice to be back at the show - we actually missed it for three years. The AERO is really a good show, because many manufacturers from around the world are represented here. This is very good place to meet people, identify customers, get to know new technologies and especially to promote your product.”

Yo Zhang, Cheng Fang Instruments, China:
"The AERO is the largest general aviation trade show in Europe. When we come to Europe to talk with customers, I find that they operate very professionally and have a lot of experience in the industry. They know what they need in their airplane. It is really a very interesting trade show for us and we like coming here.”

Raull Oreste, Marketing Cicare S. A., Argentina:
"We are here at the AERO because this is really a very interesting show for our company, and to introduce our product here. For us, the show represents a wonderful opportunity to get our foot in the door here. The AERO is the European meeting place for general aviation.”

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