AERO 25th anniversary air show and drone racing

On Saturday, April 8, 2017, 11 a.m. to 12 noon, historic and modern aircraft were participating in a once-only spectacular air show to celebrate AERO's 25th anniversary. Under the motto "History meets future", air show lovers could experience the quantum leap in aviation up close. Among the display aircraft there were a historically accurate replica of the legendary 1920's Junkers F-13, the world's first all-metal passenger aircraft, built by German luggage-maker RIMOWA, as well as the electrically powered Extra 330LE aerobatic airplane. Also performing with impressive virtuosity was Walter Eichhorn in his North American AT-6 Texan and his son Toni Eichhorn, who was presenting his new North American T-28 Trojan this year. New in the skies over the fairgrounds will be the all-electric helicopter Volta.

AERO Airshow

Eyes were focused on the skies for the aerobatic displays performed by Henry Bohlig in his MDM-1 Fox glider and by Frank van Houten, who has been flying a Sukhoi 26MX, a single-seater aerobatic plane from the former Soviet Union. 
A somewhat different kind of air show took place in Hall A1 on Friday, April 7 and Saturday, April 8, where top pilots of the Drones Champions League will compete in spectacular FPV drone races. The pilots wear specific video goggles and steer the drones from a pilot's eye view. Quite certainly, this new kind of air show will not only attract PC and console gamers. For many of them, it was the first time to deal with the subject of aviation. While strolling through the exhibition halls, the one or the other drone racer could also discover the many opportunities in manned aviation presented at AERO 2017. As part of the "Be a pilot“ campaign, about 25 booths have been set up in the Foyer West alone, where exhibitors would provide detailed information on how to get a pilot license.

Airshow 2017

Airplane / Type Pilot

Klemm 25

Ulf Siegert 

Magnus eFusion

Fabian Gabor 

Magnus eFusion

József Gajdán

Extra 300 Elektro 

Walter Extra / Walter Kampsmann 

Volta Elektro Helicopter

Edouard Maitre or Philippe Antoine


Len Schumann / Klaus Ohlmann

Antares 23E

Jochen Polsz

T 28 Trojan

Toni Eichhorn

T-6 Texan    

Walter Eichhorn

SIAI Marchetti

Ralf Niebergall  + Sohn mit Modellflugzeug

MDM-1 Fox 

Henry Bohlig 

SU-MX 26

Frank van Houten

Subject to change. 


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