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Although drones have become ubiquitous and are on everybody's lips, there is hardly any topic that has been discussed so controversially. The drones' indisputable advantages and the large variety of applications are frequently ignored by the critical voices heard.

Thanks to the commitment of  UAV DACH e.V., the association for unmanned aerial vehicles,  it is now much easier to develop an appropriate framework for a favorable development of the UAS industry in the future – the requirement is no longer "either/or", but "as well as". With the UAS EXPO special exhibition, drones also have an established platform at AERO Friedrichshafen. Manned and unmanned aerial vehicles are complementary and presented side by side, thus giving a perfect picture of today's general aviation market.

Messe Friedrichshafen is proud to be the host of the general meeting of the UAV DACH association in 2018. ‘AERO Drones’ by the UAV DACH association will be enhanced by an expert forum “Drones as non-risk air traffic supporters” as well as a panel discussion on the advantage of unmanned aircraft.  Famous speakers will talk and discuss about professional and commercial use of unmanned aircraft systems and about the use in the field of sports and recreation.

Exhibitors participating in AERODrones will be presenting the current state of technical development and specific applications of civil unmanned aerial systems. An adjoining indoor flying display area will allow them to directly demonstrate the operational capabilities of their systems. Extensive media support will be given by the Drohnenmagazin.

FPV Drone Racing will, once again, have a platform in Hall A1: Top pilots will compete in spectacular indoor races. Interested visitors are invited to perform first drone flight exercises and find out more about unmanned and manned aviation. Many holders of a private pilot license started by flying model planes or drones.

FPV RACING / UAS FLIGHT PROGRAM 2018 will be online soon

Rothaus hall / A1

Drohne Champions League     FPV Racing organized by Drohne Champions League

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