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UAS – the unmanned aviation industry – opens up new areas of business application and takes advantage of the specific charakteristics of small, light and flexible applications in new areas of use cases. The legislation has followed and opens the way to open up new flight areas gradually. From local flying in line of sight (VLOS), the way to fly outside the visual line of sight (BVLOS) is now possible.
Thanks to the support of the UAV DACH e.V., the Association for unmanned aviation, the framework of conditions for a positive future perspective of the drone industry are developing positively. New business cases are emerging and will also be financially interesting and viable – a clear professionalisation is taking place and both well-known companies from general aviation as well as a lot of highly innovative start-ups take care of these important and interesting future markets with daily new use cases. The UAV DACH e.V. is the experienced partner and companion for the professional B2B market in the drone industry and professional drone users.
At the exhibition AERODrones UAS Expo, UAS and drones today also find their permanent place within the framework of Aero Friedrichshafen as a further way of use in extension to general aviation. Manned and unmanned aircraft are complementary to each other and thus form the current market of general aviation perfectly.
AERODrones UAS Expo in Hall A7
The exhibitors of the AERODrones exhibition in Hall A7 show the status quo of technical developments and special fields of application for civilian unmanned aerial systems (UAS). The Association for unmanned aviation UAV Dach e.v. is also represented by a large information booth and is at the side of the visitors and UAS interested parties with advice and actions. 

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Exhibitors participating in AERODrones will be presenting the current state of technical development and specific applications of civil unmanned aerial systems. An adjoining indoor flying display area will allow them to directly demonstrate the operational capabilities of their systems. Extensive media support will be given by the Drohnenmagazin.

aerodrones flight program  2019 will be published in february 



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