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Wednesday, 27. April 2022

IASA Conference -GREENER SKIES AHEAD The Future of Regional Aviation Pioneering Sustainble Air Transport

27. April 2022
AERO Conference Stage Foyer West

AERO 2022 and Regional Aviation

Greetings and Introduction

Ralf Nolting

Director Conferences,


Sustainable Mobility and the

Future of Regional Aviation


Rudolf (Rolf) Doerpinghaus



Deutsche Aircraft D328eco - A Platform to Shape the Future of Regional Air Transport


NN, tbc

Pioneering Electric Aviation 

In 10 Years from Elektra One to the Scylax E10 

Calin Gologan 

CEO and Founder Elektra Solar GmbH 

Regional Air Traffic 

Today and Tomorrow


Prof. Dr. Hansjochen Ehmer 

International University Bad Honnef

Towards a Climate-Friendly 

Future of Business Aviation 


Andreas Mundsinger 

CEO, German Business Aviation Association GBAA

Certified Sustainability as Guideline 

Towards a Thriving Future of Aviation

Michael Wühle 

Senior Vice President, 


Powered by Hydrogen 

H2FLY - Emission-Free Flying  


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Josef Kallo 

Founder and CEO H2FLY

Outlook and Closing Remarks

Ralf Nolting

Rudolf (Rolf) Doerpinghaus


Preliminary program as of March 24, 2022 

Notice: Program and times subject to change. Conference language: English 


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