AERO 2022: So much more than “just” a trade show

AERO offers comprehensive conference program

AERO (April 27-30, 2022) is not only a meeting place for the industry, where visitors can see new products and innovations live, it is also an important information and discussion platform for the entire industry with its extensive conference and lecture program.

The conference and lecture program at AERO (April 27 - 30, 2022) is packed. The top-class lectures, presentations and discussions at the AERO Conferences are worth a visit to the trade show in Friedrichshafen alone. Each day of the show will feature well over 50 conferences, lectures, product presentations and discussions on all the major industry topics as well as on safety and practical flying topics. The conferences and the duration of the presentations are limited in time to allow the audience to participate in the conferences as well as visit the exhibition halls. Whereas conferences used to be more of an accessory to a trade show, they are now an indispensable, integral part of AERO and a considerable added value.

One of the major challenges facing aviation, for example, is the preservation of airports in Europe. Without airfields, there can be no aviation. This topic, which is important not only for airfield operators but also for pilots, is the subject of a conference organized by the Interessengemeinschaft der regionalen Flugplätzen e.V. (IDRF).

Other major challenges include the further reduction of emissions by aviation and the introduction of electric flight, as well as the integration of drones and air taxis into existing airspace structures. Experts will discuss these important topics at various events at AERO.

Practical topics on flying will be the focus of many other presentations. Herwart Goldbach from DFS subsidiary Eisenschmidt GmbH, for example, will once again give his popular and well-attended daily safety lectures - as he has done at past AEROs. But also the topic "Am I fit for the 2022 flying season?" is a safety-relevant issue for many pilots after the restrictions on flying activities during the Corona crisis. Human Factors, Airspace Structures, Radio Failure, Threat & Error Management and "Meteorological Flight Preparation on Mobile Devices" are only a small selection of the wide range of topics at the presentations around practical flying.

AERO visitors will find a particularly comprehensive conference program on helicopter-related topics in Hall B5 as part of the Heliforum. On each of the four days of the trade show, experts will give presentations on helicopter-related tpoics. They will be addressing not only trade visitors but also young people who see their future in the rotorcraft industry. Lectures such as "Becoming a helicopter pilot from a student's point of view", "Training to become a helicopter pilot" or "Your path to aviation technology - training paths and job opportunities with the German Federal Police" are likely to attract particular interest.

Within a short time, drones have established themselves as valuable tools in many areas of application. Detailed information and discussions will be held on their potential in civil protection and public safety during the two-day drone conference at AERO.

Commercial aviation has been hit hard by the Corona crisis, but nevertheless the entire aviation industry offers promising career prospects. Forecasts from manufacturers even predict a shortage of skilled workers in the industry over the next few years. Experts will discuss this, and how this challenge can be met, at a dedicated conference.

Women are (still) underrepresented in many areas of aviation. To change this, a "Women in Aviation" conference will be held on the Saturday of the trade show (April 30), at which, among others, pilot Zara Rutherford, who is the youngest female pilot to date to fly around the world, will give a presentation about her flight. Her motivation for flying around the world in a Shark Aero UL was to inspire more women to get involved in aviation.

The complete, extensive conference and lecture program is constantly updated on the AERO website. AERO is so much more than "just" a trade show.


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