Exhibitors and visitors welcome new annual format of AERO trade show in Friedrichshafen - Manufacturer reports sale of 28 aircraft at AERO trade show

Aviation industry spurred on by 18th AERO trade show

12.04.2010 | AERO 2010 - Final Report

Friedrichshafen, Germany. Following an impeccable take-off and four successful trade show days, the 18th International Trade Fair for General Aviation concluded with a perfect three-point landing. 39,700 visitors from Germany and around the world were impressed by the many business jets, propeller aircraft and helicopters on display, while the new electrically powered aircraft enjoyed special media interest. ”Europe’s leading General Aviation trade show has pointed the way in a number of important areas,” CEO Klaus Wellmann positively concluded on Sunday. "There’s a sense of optimism in the industry again, and many of the exhibitors are highly satisfied with how the trade show went,” added AERO Project Director Thomas Grunewald, as the trade show came to a successful close.

The sales efforts of numerous exhibitors also paid off. Among them was Italian aircraft manufacturer TECNAM, which on Sunday reported the sale of 28 aircraft, while its Austrian venture partner Airborne Technologies clinched the first sale of its TECNAM MMA upon the product’s launch at AERO. 

AERO Friedrichshafen’s international significance continues to grow. The portion of non-German companies among this year’s 504 exhibitors was 45 percent, representing a further significant rise. Meanwhile, trade visitors hailed from 31 countries and five continents, representing a considerable increase in international flights destined for Friedrichshafen. According to a trade show survey, two thirds of visitors were licensed pilots, and their purchasing power and readiness was correspondingly high: Fully 56 percent of visitors placed orders for aircraft, while roughly 10 percent indicated their intention to spend 100,000 euros or more in the aftermath of the trade show. Furthermore, exhibiting companies rated the visitors’ level of (for the most part aviation-related) sophistication and knowledge as very high. 

Annual format welcomed 

Both industry and trade show visitors have enthusiastically greeted the AERO trade show’s new annual format, which began this year. "The companies have responded positively to the new annual cycle. We received a great deal of support from our customers with regard to this development,” noted Thomas Grunewald, following numerous one-on-one discussions with exhibitors. AERO visitors have expressed their agreement, as well: 88 percent of those surveyed indicated their approval and support of AERO being held on an annual basis.

Successful promotional work 

In the midst of challenging economic circumstances, the international aviation trade show has succeeded in providing important stimulus for the aviation industry, and in sending clear signals about the way forward. Even before it got underway, the 18th AERO trade show significantly exceeded all expectations. Having managed to fill nine halls with roughly 500 exhibitors, the AERO organizing team’s promotional work with exhibitors abroad has proven to be a great success. The range of products comprised the entire spectrum of General Aviation. The focal point of exhibitor feedback, however, was their high degree of satisfaction with the event - and their even greater relief that, despite a very precarious market environment, trade visitor interest exceeded forecasts. 

During this year’s AERO trade show, 33 leading light aircraft manufacturers founded the European Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA-EU). Due to the view of founding members that the interests of their industries require better representation by such an association, the decision was taken unanimously. 

Media participation 

AERO is an international media event. In addition to the scores of journalists from around Europe, many others came to Friedrichshafen from South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Russia, the United States and Canada. A total of 13 TV crews produced exciting footage of the General Aviation trade show for audiences around the globe. A total of 608 journalists from 30 countries were accredited for this year’s edition of AERO. The strength of international interest is underlined by the fact that fully half of journalists covering AERO 2010 were from outside Germany.

New project director 

As previously announced, Roland Bosch, 50, the former Director of Guest Events and Business Development at Messe Friedrichshafen, will be assuming the position of AERO Project Director, effective immediately. Bosch earlier held this position until 2001. Thomas Grunewald, 36, who has been serving as the director of the General Aviation trade show on Lake Constance, will now be devoting himself to internal corporate assignments in the Guest Events and Business Development department. 

AERO 2011 

The next edition of AERO will be held from Thursday, April 14 to Sunday, April 17 2011 on the exhibition ground in Friedrichshafen.

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