AERO Summer Editon Q&A

1.     When will the next AERO Friedrichshafen take place?

Because of the Corona Pandemic, AERO 2021 can't take place as planned in the last week of April. From July 14. – 17., 2021, a Special Edition of AERO will take place.

2.     What are the conditions in July?

Please refer to the registration form regarding our conditions. We will not change them in comparison to the April edition 2021.

3.     Do I need to submit a new application?

No, we only need a short email from you until February 15, 2021 confirming that you want to be part of the AERO Special Edition 2021.

4.     What happens with the space that I have already confirmed?

We will of course keep the previous prioritization concerning the hall layout and stand planning (from our spring edition) but we might need to adapt those to then valid requirements (minimum distance rules, aisle widths, number of trade visitors per hall, etc.) as well as to if necessary changed framework conditions.

5.      Can I change my stand dimensions? 

Yes of course, please send us an email as soon as possible.

6.     How can I cancel my participation?

Your application will be canceled automatically unless you explicitly confirm your participation for the AERO Special edition in July from 14. – 17.07. 2021 until February 15, 2021.

7.     What is the cost of my/our cancellation for AERO in April?

Cancellation/non-participation in AERO, which was scheduled to take place from April 21-24, 2021, is free of charge.

8.     Until when will I be able to cancel my participation in July?

The usual cancellation conditions after admission apply.

9.     What happens if the AERO Special Edition cannot take place in July either?

If the AERO Special Edition can't happen in July due to the Corona Pandemic, we would of course refund your stand rental costs. Claims for damages are excluded.

10.  What happens to my hotel reservation?

Please contact your hotel or travel agency directly.


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Stephanie Keller
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Fax:   +49 7541 708-2414
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