Hall overview 2021

Floor 0
Floor 1

    Hall A1

    AERO Conference Stage 

    Hall A3

    Business Aviation, General Aviation, Services, Equipment

    Hall A4

    Business Aviation, General Aviation, Services, Equipment

    Hall A5

    General Aviation, ENGINE AREA, Maintenance, Propulsion Systems, Pilot Supllies, 
    Pilot Competence Center (PCC), MRO

    Hall A6

    AVIONICS AVENUE, Cockpit and Onboard Systems,

    Hall A7

    UL, VLA, LSA

    Hall B5

    UL, VLA, LSA

    Static Display
    Business Aviation, General Aviation, Second Hand Aircraft, Business Aviation Re-Sale Area

    Foyer West
    Flight Simulator Area,Maintenance Area, AERO South Africa, AEROCareer (Be a Pilot, Jobwall), AERO Conference Center  West

    Foyer Ost
    e-flight-expo, eVTOL, e-connect-area


    Subject to change.


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