1. Lindbergh e-flight Rallye on March 30–31, 2020 - postponed

Electric aircraft taking to the skies for AERO 2020

The first Lindbergh e-flight rally to start as part of the international aviation exhibition AERO 2020 in Friedrichshafen

Aviation records once garnered worldwide headlines. Just think of Charles Lindbergh who, in 1927, was the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic, sparking off a wave of enthusiasm for aviation.

Now aviation faces another real challenge: electric flight. Virtually every aircraft manufacturer is exploring this subject. Some manufacturers intend to launch market-ready electrically-powered aircraft in the near future.

Corresponding prototypes have been on show for some years at the e-flight expo at AERO in Friedrichshafen. Now these aircraft can show at the 1st Lindbergh e-flight Rallye on March 30–31, 2010, what they can do.

For the first time at AERO, electric aircraft will be taking off for a spectacular rallye that is the natural successor to the successful UL rallies of the mid-1980s which helped them to achieve their breakthrough at the time.

Lindbergh e-flight Rallye

Over 2 days, the flight route of the 1st Lindbergh e-flight Rallye will take participants from Friedrichshafen along Lake Constance, past castles, palaces and churches, with stopovers in Mengen and Bad Waldsee-Reute, and back to Friedrichshafen.

Certain turning points on the route must be documented photographically by participants, and will be counted along with the aircrafts’ energy consumption in the final evaluation. The winners in the respective classes of trikes, three-axis and hybrid aircraft will be honored directly at AERO 2020.

So that AERO visitors on the ground can also share in the breathtaking impressions of the 1st Lindbergh e-flight Rallye, pictures will be shown every day at AERO on a big screen. In addition, as a special highlight, the participating electric aircraft will be on display at AERO 2020 in a dedicated area in Hall A7, so that visitors can get a close-up look at them.


Participants Lindbergh e-flight Rallye

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Aeros Ltd.

Aeros ANT Electric Trike

A.I.R. & Co GmbH

Silent Trike /ATOS Wing

Ultralight Design S.r.o.

Ego-Trike Electric Single Seater

Flugsport Toni Roth GmbH


Comco Icarus GmbH

C42 CS e-Power

Solid Air UL-Bau Franz GmbH

Diamant EP

Pipistrel d.o.o.

Alpha Electro

Flugsport Toni Roth GmbH

Alisport Silent AE1

Phoenix Air s.r.o.

U-15E Phoenix

Geiger Engineering


Geiger Engineering / Zenon Pietruszka



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