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E -Online Panel Discussion

E -Online Panel Diskussion

Over the last 10 years the panel discussions of the e-flight-expo have been a highlight to our show and have been packed with news. Therefore, we do not want to stop this tradition in 2021, despite AERO Friedrichshafen being postponed. As you are not able to come to the panel discussion by yourself in this year, the panel discussion will simply come to you!

This year we will provide the three major panels of the AERO e-flight-forum as an E-Online Panel Discussion with Zoom. We will record the panels starting from April 1, 2020 so it’s exactly during the time the AERO Friedrichshafen would have started.

In each panel, 4-5 presenters will be giving a short presentation and afterwards we will be having a Q&A session with the presenters. The duration of each online panel will be about 50-60 min.

Panel topics:


Will Norway be the first test ground for e aviation and e commuters?


Hans Dunder,  Head of Green Flyway Allaiance
Eric  Lithun, El-fly
Martin Stephanek,  Phoenix Aircraft
Qinyin Zhang,  Rolls Royce Electrical

Host: Willi Tacke


UAM Traffic management - How to control eVTOL &  airtaxis


Tom Prevot, Uber Director of Engineering, Airspace Systems
Markus May, Managing Director – Airbus Urban Mobility
Corvin Huber, CEO D3 Tech Gmbh
Christian Bauer,  V O L O C O P T E R  CCOs

Hosts:  Willi Tacke, Xin Guo


E-powertrains (EPU) - Are they ready for certification ?
 state of the art of development


Olaf Otto,  Rolls Royce Electrical
Tom Gunnarson,  Wisk AERO
Konstantin Kondak, Elektra-uas
Uwe Kiesewetter, Airbus Cityairbus

Host: Willi Tacke


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