Help for Ukrainian Children

AERO Friedrichshafen supports Flying Hope e.V.

Anna from Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is also for our team at AERO Friedrichshafen a dramatic event, which we follow with great concern and dismay. At the same time this armed conflict evokes our solidarity with the people in Ukraine and the unconditional desire to help! Therefore, we have decided to support the non-profit organisation Flying Hope in picking up seriously ill children and their relatives, as well as orphans from Ukraine`s western neighbouring countries and flying them to Germany or neighbouring countries for therapy and care.

Specifically, we at AERO Friedrichshafen would like to use our network to help raise awareness of Flying Hope and their Ukraine project in particular, to collect more donations and thus make more flights possible.

If you would like to support our campaign, we look forward to your donation. The donations will be used to cover part of the flight costs and to enable the administrative handling.

Bank details for donations:
Flying Hope e.V.
Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf
IBAN DE 33 3005 0110 1005 6732 13

Reason for payment „AEROforUkraine“

Great flying weather for Constanze
Ben is back home

About Flying Hope e.V.:

The non-profit association is a German network of pilots and doctors who have been flying seriously ill or severely disabled children from point A to B within Germany for about 10 years. Mainly to bring the children quickly and comfortably to a special clinic for diagnostics or therapy, to a hospice, to rehab or even to a special holiday.

But the most important thing: free of charge for the families concerned!

The seriously ill or severely disabled children mentioned above are a 24/7 requirement for their families, so our support is the best possible donation that can be made to support these families as the are fulfilled as soon as they landed.

Not to mention that the one or other child will only live longer or perhaps even survive if he or she can get the best possible treatment, no matter where this takes place in relation to the family's place of residence.

You can find more information at:


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