AERO shows Business Aviation in transition

Business Aviation prominently represented – Premiere for the Gulfstream G500 business jet – Conferences complement exhibition – Companies seek employees

Business Aviation has many facets. It is essential for fast and individual connections for the regional economy, enables life-saving transports of patients and transplant organs, and drives technological innovations in aviation.

Business Aviation is a significant part of the global air transport system. As an individual means of transport, it offers direct flights in line with the needs of business travelers, specialists and private travelers. Around 10 percent of all Business Aviation movements in Europe serve humanitarian purposes such as the transport of seriously ill people, medical personnel and life-saving transplant organs. At AERO (April 19-22, 2023) in Friedrichshafen, Germany, exhibitors from the Business Aviation segment will present not only the latest and most modern aircraft types, but also their wide range of services.

One of the highlights from Business Aviation at AERO 2023 will be the G500 business jet from Gulfstream Aerospace. The aircraft type will be on display at AERO for the first time. Powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW814G turbofans, the jet can accommodate up to 19 passengers in its cabin. The range is 5,200 nautical miles (equivalent to 9,630 kilometers). The Symmetry flight deck is one of the most modern cockpits in Business Aviation.

Other exhibitors from the business aviation segment include Rheinland Air Service (RAS) with the HondaJet as well as the French manufacturer Daher's aircraft (TBM and Kodiak), Pilatus Aircraft with Air Alliance, Textron Aviation with the Cessna Aircraft and Beechcraft brands, Cirrus Aircraft, Piper Deutschland, Atlas Air Service, and Augsburg Air Service, to name a few.

No less than three conferences on important Business Aviation topics will be held during AERO 2023: The SETOps & Small Airfields conference on April 21 is aimed specifically at operators of single-engine turboprop-powered business jets. It is organized by Emerald Media in cooperation with the industry association GAMA and fairnamic GmbH.

Tobias Bretzel, the show director of AERO, says: "We are very proud to welcome the SETOps conference to AERO. There are many issues related to SETOps that need to be discussed after the long pandemic. AERO is the perfect platform to bring together all stakeholders from industry, OEMs, suppliers and regulators on April 21, 2023."

The Business Aviation Conference on April 20 will present current market developments in the segment as well as future concepts and sustainability initiatives. The conference is organized in cooperation with GBAA (German Business Aviation Association e.V.). The Business Aviation Conference will be directly followed by the IDRF (Interessengemeinschaft der regionalen Flugplätzen e.V.) conference, where various future concepts for climate-friendly aviation will be presented and discussed. The topics will include research initiatives at regional airfields and airfield infrastructures of the future.

Business Aviation also offers interested parties great career opportunities: Companies from this segment are currently increasingly looking for qualified employees. They offer a varied work environment with a high degree of responsibility and with a long-term perspective.


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