Now he is taking off as a commercial helicopter pilot

A flying TV and radio presenter takes off: The difficult and complex test has been passed, now with his new CPL license Marcel Wagner can take off as a commercial pilot with the helicopter. The trade show team which organizes the AERO show in and the new rotorcraft and VTOL event EUROPEAN ROTORS in November is also pleased about this. At both trade fairs, the moderator is in demand as an expert on aircraft and helicopters. At the international aviation trade fair AERO, he has been moderating the industry discussion for journalists for several years, and at the helicopter trade fair in Cologne he is also a host for the trade fair.

“I always wanted to become a television presenter or helicopter pilot", says Marcel Wagner, who lives in Frankfurt and also works in Cologne. At the age of 37, both dreams have come true almost simultaneously: As a TV presenter, he regularly works for the private broadcasters n-tv and RTL, as a radio presenter he sits in the studio at BAYERN 3 and at the hr3 station in Hessischer Rundfunk.

“As a reporter, I was able to fly in rescue helicopters for two days for television and radio to report the work of the air rescue service”, says Marcel Wagner. “Afterwards I was so enthusiastic and decided to do a private pilot license PPL (H).” Four years later he wanted to go one step further: Now he can call himself a professional pilot and is flying for the aviation service provider HELI TRANSAIR based in Egelsbach near Frankfurt and in Münster/Osnabrück - when he is not sitting in front of the camera or microphone. . .


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