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March 30, 2023 - AIR LOVERS – We make you fly high!

Air Lovers - THE community for pilots who want to enjoy their license to the fullest. How? Step by step, leg by leg. The pilots of the Air Lovers Community fly on all continents and finally circumnavigate the whole world! With the support of experts from the aviation scene, they prepare themselves in a targeted manner, gather new experiences and literally expand their horizons with every flight.

World first - at the AERO 2023

AIR LOVERS – We make you fly high!

THE community for pilots who want to fully enjoy the ticket to freedom - others also say: pilot license. Air Lovers brings true "we" culture to aviation for the realization of the big vision:

Around the world with 80 pilots! 

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We make you fly high!

Fort Lauderdale, March 23, 2023.

“Enough with mere daydreams. With Air Lovers we are going to implement it. Our big vision: Around the world with 80 pilots!

How? Step by step, leg by leg. We fly all continents and finally circumnavigate the whole world together. With the support of experts from the aviation scene, we prepare ourselves in a targeted manner, gather new experiences and expand our horizons every time - whether on joint flight tours or in mutual exchange in our (inter-) national pilot community," says Monika Gietl, one of the both CEOs and founders of Air Lovers LLC.

Freedom in connection is the credo of the Air Lovers Community.

So many pilots get their license and then step through the gateway to freedom on their own.

So they stay in their comfort zone and rarely leave the flight area they know. Due to the lack of challenges or the recurring everyday life, in the worst case they fly less and less and become increasingly insecure.

With Air Lovers you'll never ask yourself again, "Am I capable of this flight?". The Air Lovers Community grows together, supports each other and thus enables everyone to join the big journey. Connected with like-minded people and lots of fun and adventurousness, flying becomes a whole new experience for pilots worldwide - even outside the airfield.

The special:

Air Lovers also deals with the pilot's mindset - supported by additional, innovative elements.

Through the so-called "Mental Flight Training", the standard procedures in aviation, such as emergency landing procedures, special traffic patterns, dealing with critical situations and many more, are "programmed" into the subconscious and can therefore be called up at any time if necessary.

In addition, the Air Lovers deal with and promote the six mental abilities of a pilot (memory, reason, perspective, imagination, will and intuition) for always safe and responsible flight preparation and execution.

After all, regular involvement with aviation among each other, with experts and on joint trips increases personal performance in a natural and entertaining way. The stories and lessons learned, which are shared with others in the community, bring the narrator back to the feeling of that time and the listeners can understand what they experienced on an emotional level through this exchange of experiences. Advantage: We internalize knowledge shaped by emotions particularly intensively. And so the pilots will benefit in similar situations by being able to remember and act accordingly or retrieve the right reaction.

All of these aspects contribute specifically to the topic of safety, which Air Lovers sees as a crucial ingredient in the area of private pilot flying and for which it therefore wants to make a responsible contribution.

Conclusion: With Air Lovers, the pilots in the community are catapulting their flying experiences to a whole new level.

"Whether with a lot or little experience - we address the target group of pilots who really want to live their dream of flying, who want to keep their flying knowledge up to date and deepen it - both theoretically and practically - and are interested in meeting new flight buddies and in regular exchange with other pilots. All this to grow beyond yourself in terms of flying.”, says Alexandra Schloesser, also CEO and founder of Air Lovers LLC.

The Air Lovers portfolio at a glance

  • Aviator Meetup 2.0 – (Inter-) National, regular online aviator get-together and annual live get-together (as a fly in) for a casual exchange on a wide variety of topics related to aviation with like-minded flight buddies
  • Fly High Mastermind - Online deep dive learning sessions on specialist topics that are specifically geared towards the goals of the community, with exciting people from the aviation scene - for the quantum leap as a pilot
  • Next Level Experiences – Organized flight tours through Europe and the rest of the world with adventure, events and an “all-round carefree” package (but the PIC remains the PIC, of course) including access to FIs as required
  • Mental Flight Training – "Program" standard procedures from aviation into the subconscious for safe processes when flying on demand - like "chair flying", just much cooler!

All topics are immediately applicable and implementable for every pilot and at the same time aligned with the big vision. Accompanied by experts, the pilots in the community catapult their flying experiences to a whole new level. From continent to continent, up to the level from which the community is fit enough to fly around the world together because it is well prepared for all relevant, country-specific (flight) situations and circumstances.

Air Lovers Next Level Memberships

Air Lovers offers the right membership for both, prospective and experienced pilots. The aim is to accompany the Air Lovers members into their maximum freedom and independence in flying, combined with a lot of joy and a strong cohesion in the community.

About Air Lovers

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Air Lovers - True "we" culture in aviation for the big vision: Around the world with 80 pilots!

The Air Lovers core crew consists of two passionate pilots. Each of them has their own very unique story, talents, gifts and experiences. But what unites them both is their vision: “Around the world with 80 pilots!”.

Since March 11, 2023, Air Lovers has opened the space that allows pilots and other flight enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the world of flying together and to connect (also (inter-) nationally) to create unparalleled and enriching flight experiences in the real world.

Always with an eye on the vision and together with all pilots who share this vision, the Air Lovers will start their first two flight tours across Europe in 2023, online as well as offline. It continues across Africa, Asia, North and South America to the realization of their vision, which is to once fly with the community around the whole world!

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Mobile: +49 (0) 171 31 75 334                           Mobile: +49 (0) 157 74 71 47 83                                  

or visit the Air Lovers at AERO 2023 in Foyer West, booth: FW-BP02.



Air Lovers - True "we" culture in aviation for the big vision: Around the world with 80 pilots!

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