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April 28, 2022 | 09:00 - breakfast press briefing H55 and BRM Aero

Hall A7 - Stand 311

H55 together with BRM Aero will be presenting the B23 Energic, a fully electric 2-seater, 850kg airplane capable of flying for one and half hours (with reserves). 

The B23 Energic includes the latest generation of H55’s 100kW electric propulsion and battery management system. Both the EPS and the aircraft are in the process of being certified, the EPS under an EASA TC by the end of 2023 and the B23 Energic will be commercially available starting in 2024.  


H55 is the leading enabler for electric aviation whose mission is to make air transport, quiet, clean, and affordable. The company will be showcasing at Aero 2022 Friedrichshafen its latest EPS technology which includes an energy storage and battery management systems which are modular, lightweight, and safe.


As the technological spin-off of the Solar Impulse project, H55 has an 18-year proven track record in electric aviation. H55 supports its customers in integrating and customizing its technology solutions in a wide range of applications suitable for both existing airplane designs and future concepts such as VTOLs and e-commuter aircraft BRM is a Czech aircraft manufacturer created in 2009. With 5 models available, BRM produces more than 100 aircrafts yearly. BRM AERO’s priority is its emphasis on innovation, continuously introducing new developments to its product line. With the B23 Energic, BRM is increasingly being recognized as a pioneer of the next aviation revolution.


While economic and environmental considerations are opening the path to the development of electric aviation, there are a series of challenges which need to be overcome. Integration of high-voltage electric systems requires new aeronautical expertise. With current battery density limitations, considerable know-how and experience are required to be able to optimize range and endurance. As safety is a major concern for certification authorities, the technology needs to prove its safety around fire propagation and containment.  


We invite you to spend time with André Borschberg, H55’s Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, and Milan Bristela, BRM’s CEO and Founder learning how these challenges are being overcome. You will have the opportunity to have a first-hand look at H55’s innovative technology which, features smart and modular architecture, and appreciate how the company is accelerating electric aviation with solutions that customized, certifiable and scalable.

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