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Over 670 exhibitors at the most important trade show for General Aviation – comprehensive AERO Sustainable Aviation Trail – flying and technical personnel urgently needed

AERO 2023 starts with strong positive signals

April 19, 2023 |

Friedrichshafen, Germany – The 29th AERO in Friedrichshafen started today: With over 670 exhibitors from all segments of General Aviation, the number of exhibiting companies and organizations is significantly higher than last year. The focus of the trade show this year is on the recovery after the global Corona pandemic as well as the transformation of aviation towards more sustainability.

From April 19 to 22, 2023, the international aviation industry will meet in Friedrichshafen for AERO 2023. The 29th edition of the trade show is taking place during a period of transition in aviation. This is also reflected at AERO, 126 companies on the AERO Sustainable Aviation Trail. That is 30 percent more than last year. On this trail through the exhibition halls, exhibitors whose products and projects are particularly dedicated to the sustainability of aviation, are marked with green balloons. 


Tobias Bretzel, AERO show director at AERO organizer Fairnamic GmbH, says: "The renewed global demand for air travel means that cockpit and technical personnel are in demand at all levels. This opens up excellent prospects for young people who want to pursue a career in aviation. We support the industry in its efforts to minimize the skill shortage."


AERO meets this need in the industry for skilled personnel with the “Be a pilot” initiative, at which flight schools and training institutions present themselves and provide information about training opportunities and career prospects. The AERO Career Day on Friday, April 21, brings interested parties and companies together directly. It is aimed not only at career starters, but also at aviation personnel looking for new professional challenges. 


As a result of the return of air traffic, manufacturers of powered aircraft are currently enjoying high demand for training and instructional aircraft. These aircraft traditionally have a strong presence at AERO.


During the media tour on the previous day, journalists were able to preview some of AERO's highlights:


Loft Dynamics AG is a Swiss manufacturer that develops and produces virtual reality simulators for helicopters. These simulators are cost-effective and allow for efficient, immersive and safe training, even of dangerous situations. The pilot sits in a muster-specific frame and wears VR goggles through which he sees a virtual image of the cockpit and its surroundings. EASA (the European Union Aviation Safety Agency) has approved the simulator for crew training.


The Belgian-Czech manufacturer JMB Aircraft is coming to Friedrichshafen with six aircraft. Among them is a two-seater VL3 powered by a Rotax 916iS engine with 160 hp (120 kW). The new engine is more powerful than the previous model and still consumes two to three liters less fuel. JMB Aircraft will also show at AERO the latest version of its turbine, developed jointly with Turbo Tech, which also produces 160 hp. 


Rheinland Air Service (RAS) will be presenting the Daher TBM 960 single-engine turboprop aircraft, which was launched last year, among other aircraft at AERO. Right from the start, the fast cruise aircraft has proved very popular with customers. In the first five months after certification, the manufacturer delivered no fewer than 20 units. Production is already completely sold out for this year. A special feature of the TBM 960 is Garmin International's HomeSafe system, which automatically lands the aircraft at the nearest suitable airfield in an emergency at the push of a button. In doing so, the system communicates not only with air traffic control, but also with the occupants.


The Extra NG is the latest aerobatic aircraft from the manufacturer Extra Aircraft from Hünxe in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is the first aircraft in its class to be equipped with an all-carbon rigidbase frame – a first in the history of aerobatics. The Extra NG thus represents a real quantum leap, offering its owner not only a beautiful silhouette but also an ergonomically advanced cockpit. It is designed for maximum pilot comfort and equipped with state-of-the-art avionics. Improved aerodynamics allow for an even higher level of maneuverability and precise handling, making the Extra NG a "really fast" aircraft. Extra aircraft are the most produced piston aircraft in Germany.


The Elektra Trainer, manufactured by Elektra Solar of Landsberg am Lech, Germany, is a two-seat, all-electric training and towing aircraft. In January of this year, the aircraft, which was developed and built in just 18 months, received its individual certification from the DULV e.V. With its 2.5 hours of flight time (plus legal reserve of 30 minutes), the Elektra Trainer already proved its outstanding capabilities during testing. The Elektra-Trainer also scores in terms of cost-effectiveness: The operating hour, including recharging of the energy storage, costs only around 60 euros.


Swiss company H55 is on a mission to make air travel quiet, clean and affordable. The company's patented and certified electric propulsion and battery management technology provides customer-based solutions around electric propulsion for both existing aircraft designs and future VTOL and e-Commuter concepts. The technology is a spin-off of the Solar Impulse solar airplane, which circumnavigated the globe using only solar power. The first customer application of H55's system is the Bristell B23 Energic, a two-seat electric aircraft for pilot training. The B23 Energic meets market demand for an 850 kg CS 23-certified aircraft that can carry a pilot through most of PPL training. Market introduction is targeted for 2024.


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About the event:


AERO 2023 will take place from April 19 - 22, 2023 at the Messe Friedrichshafen exhibition center. AERO is the leading international trade show for General Aviation, Business Aviation and air sports. Aircraft on display will range from civilian drones to gliders, ultralight and LSA aircraft and gyrocopters, helicopters, touring and training aircraft with piston engines or turboprops, and business jets. New propulsion systems, electric flight, state-of-the-art avionics, services and accessories for pilots are further focal points. These topics are also reflected in the AERO Conferences, making Europe's largest General Aviation event also an important platform for knowledge exchange and continuing education. The trade show is organized by fairnamic GmbH, a joint venture of Messe Friedrichshafen and Messe Frankfurt.


About fairnamic GmbH: 


With the founding of fairnamic GmbH, the Frankfurt and Friedrichshafen trade fair companies have sealed a partnership with a focus on innovative mobility. Combined expertise as well as market knowledge, global positioning, brand strength and speed will strengthen the market position in the future markets of General Aviation, micromobility, e-bikes and bicycles. The AERO and EUROBIKE brands and their satellites form the focus of the joint venture. The aim is to expand and further develop the two leading trade shows.



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