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June 29, 2021 |

Peter Feldmann, Mayor of Frankfurt am Main and Chairman of the Supervisory Board Messe Frankfurt: "Cycling will be a real theme of the future. Climate protection and the transportation shift are at the very top of our agenda. Eurobike will be a beacon in a city that is preparing to put cycling at the center of its debate on transport policy. I can't imagine a more authentic location for it.
Such an undertaking presupposes an equal footing and mutual trust. The joint company keeps Friedrichshafen on board - and that is a good thing. Its many years of experience in executing Eurobike is something from which both cities can and will benefit.”

Andreas Brand, Mayor of Friedrichshafen and Chairman of the Supervisory Board Messe Friedrichshafen: "The second-best solution is the best solution. That’s how to sum up Eurobike’s change of venue in terms of its further development and, above all, from the point of view of the Friedrichshafen trade show location. By establishing fairnamic, the two trade fair companies and their municipalities have ensured that the event formats can continue to grow, both domestically and internationally. In addition, we're hoping for new synergies for the trade show business at the Friedrichshafen location, from which the exhibition center and the city will continue to benefit, going forward.”

Uwe Behm, Member of the Executive Board of Messe Frankfurt: "The transportation shift is now in full swing. The task now is to rapidly and robustly strengthen the market position of the two leading trade shows, Eurobike and Aero, and make them accessible to a broad audience. By founding fairnamic GmbH, we are pooling our success factors of globality, strength, and speed to apply them to the bicycle, e-bike, micro-mobility, and general aviation markets of the future. This will expand our already-existing mobility competencies. Our new alliance is unique in the industry and is based on a long-standing trade show partnership in which the personal chemistry between the stakeholders from Friedrichshafen and Frankfurt is second to none.”

Klaus Wellmann, CEO of Messe Friedrichshafen: "Our partnership with Messe Frankfurt - an absolute heavyweight in the global trade show business - is another important step in our international expansion strategy. Through this merger, we are adding key building blocks to the value chain and earning capability of our bike and aviation events, while also creating first-class access to customers. Meanwhile, the freed-up Eurobike time slot at the Friedrichshafen site will open up additional opportunities to market it as a venue for new events.”

Stefan Reisinger, Head of Eurobike and Member of the Board of Directors of Messe Friedrichshafen: "The bicycle is the driver that will give a real and, above all, sustainable boost to advances in mobility that are imminent worldwide. We’re convinced that with fairnamic GmbH we’ve built a foundation that will elevate our flagship show along with its Eurobike brand cluster to a new level in the future.”

Roland Bosch, Head of Aero and Member of the Board of Directors of Messe Friedrichshafen:
"In recent years, Aero Friedrichshafen has developed into the world’s most important leading trade show for general aviation. Like every industry, aviation is constantly changing. As far back as ten years ago, Aero responded to the topic of electric flight and sustainability in aviation with its e-flight expo format. Now, new opportunities are emerging in the form of urban air mobility and air taxis - but new requirements, as well. With the support of Messe Frankfurt and its global sales teams, we can seize these opportunities and further expand and internationalize the Aero brand. In 2019, we demonstrated how to do this in a new market when we jointly organized and held Aero South Africa for the first time.”

Tarek Al-Wazir, Minister for Economic Affairs, Energy, Transport and Housing of the State of Hesse: "Bikes are becoming more and more popular. Technological developments and social change are opening up completely new fields of application for them. And the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend even more. As a result, Eurobike is also moving more and more into the focus of exhibitors and the public. And Frankfurt offers it what it needs for further growth: space and a central location in Germany and Europe. Here, Eurobike can tap into new visitor groups and attract even more exhibitors. So, as Hesse's minister of economic affairs and transport, and as deputy chairman of the Supervisory Board of Messe Frankfurt, I am very pleased that Eurobike is moving here, so it can develop further and continue to promote modern mobility. And I’m equally pleased that this is being done in partnership between the two trade show companies in Frankfurt and Friedrichshafen. Not only because Messe Friedrichshafen brings valuable experience and industry knowledge to the table, but also because the COVID-19 pandemic poses a challenge for all trade show companies. The answer to this challenge must not be to take the butter off each other’s bread; it can only be about working together in partnership. I’m firmly convinced of this. We must find the way out of the crisis together and discover new opportunities together. Frankfurt and Friedrichshafen are demonstrating how to go about it. Messe Frankfurt has gained a new, attractive event, and Messe Friedrichshafen is improving its chances of tapping into new markets at home and abroad through this collaboration. This is why I believe that everyone will benefit from Eurobike's move to Frankfurt - from the trade show companies and the bicycle industry to the cyclists themselves. And, in the end, the business center and climate-friendly mobility, as well.”

Burkhard Stork, President of the German Bicycle Industry Association (Zweirad-Industie-Verband): "This is really good news for Eurobike. It will now remain strong; in fact, it will get even stronger. What we know about Eurobike and what we appreciate about it is that it’s able to showcase bikes and present them as an experience. And that will remain the case. Plus, it will be supplemented by another strong element, which is that we’re moving to a trade show site in the middle of a major city, where cycling as part of everyday life is a huge topic, just as it is these days in every German city, across Europe and around the world. It’s great that Messe Friedrichshafen is taking this step. I have a lot of respect for the fact that the company has now said ‘We want to position ourselves even more strongly and that’s why we’ve looked for a strong partner.’ I’m delighted that Messe Frankfurt has decided to get on board. They've demonstrated what we have always known: Bikes are also great from a business perspective. I’m pleased for the German bicycle industry that the German Bicycle Industry Association can continue to be a partner of such a strong and successful trade show. The German bicycle industry wants to show what it can do. It wants to get people even more excited about its products in their everyday life, leisure, and sports. We want to do that together at an attractive trade show and show the world what we’re capable of. I’m sure that with these changes, Eurobike will remain the world’s leading bicycle trade show in the future.”

Bernhard Lange, CEO, Paul Lange & Co. OHG: "Eurobike, it can be proudly said, is the leading trade show for the global bicycle industry. However, given the worldwide growth of our industry, the Friedrichshafen location has reached its limits. So, it was high time for a really big move. The international bicycle industry's move from Friedrichshafen to Frankfurt will elevate this global industry gathering to a new level. There’s no doubt that cycling is now an integral part of mobility, especially urban mobility. As a general distributor for Shimano, we are extremely pleased that, starting in 2022, Eurobike will be held in an inner-city exhibition center in one of Europe's major metropolitan regions. We anticipate that Frankfurt will do everything in its power to optimally showcase the new age of bicycle mobility in all its aspects and in an inner-city setting. In particular, we’ll be able to perfectly target everyday riders, whose numbers have grown many times over in recent months, in Frankfurt. Furthermore, Frankfurt as a trade fair location offers decisive advantages in terms of infrastructure. It's located in the heart of Europe’s largest bicycle market, and the exhibition center is ideally connected to the rail and highway networks, as well as to one of the largest international commercial airports in Europe. This will enable Eurobike to live up to its claim of being Germany’s leading global trade show even better. So, this move is really a major step towards establishing Eurobike in this leading role in the future. Particularly given the enormous growth over the past few months and the massively increased importance of our industry at every level - from business, politics, and public administration to the societal level -, we need a strong flagship show that can intimately convey this claim and this importance in its entirety to a broad, multi-layered and international audience. Needless to say, I have fond memories of Friedrichshafen, but in a rapidly changing world - which also applies to cycling - the future of this flagship trade show lies in Frankfurt. Team Shimano is looking forward to it.”

Claus Fleischer, CEO, Bosch eBikes Systems: "Bicycles and pedelecs are important building blocks for sustainable and healthy mobility that make our cities and our everyday lives more livable. As an industry, we aim to promote a positive cycling culture and would like to have a strong, attractive and leading international trade show for the entire bicycle sector. Hosting the trade show in a major European metropolis increases its international appeal. The new concept with its mix of sport-oriented and urban cycling provides the ideal platform for generating new energy and momentum for bicycles and e-bikes around the world. Eurobike in Frankfurt? Bosch eBike Systems will be there!”

Johannes Graf von Schaesberg, Director & CEO, Rheinland Air Services (RAS): "We see the partnership with Messe Frankfurt and the intended internationalization of Aero as a logical and important step for the future of Aero and general aviation.”

Trevor Pegrum, Emea Aviation Sales & Marketing Manager, Garmin International:"Garmin absolutely missed our friends at the Aero team the last two years. We missed the opportunity to meet with our customers and our business partners, as well as the opportunity to showcase our new products and innovations. Looking back over the years, we’ve seen Aero grow in size and become not just the European general aviation event to be at, but one that increasingly has more international presence. Garmin’s exhibition space has continued to grow over the many years we have been attending Aero in Friedrichshafen. This growth for us has been driven as we released new products, and our seminar program at Aero continues to expand. Not surprisingly, we still continue to struggle for space during the busy four days. For us, Aero represents a key date in our events schedule, and it’s been fantastic to watch the show grow and expand over the years. Garmin was also excited to partner with the Aero team in South Africa in 2019. We very much hope to be back attending again in 2022 and look forward to the launch of Aero Asia next year! Like everyone, we’re very much looking forward to be back connecting with our customers, and Aero is and always has been the place to do it! Let’s make Aero 2022 the best year yet!”

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