AIR Transponder - New extremely compact and lightweight transponder complements the AIR Avionics product family

AIR Avionics
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AIR Avionics has been developing a new generation of compact-class avionics systems in radios and transponders for years. Each product offers unique functions that help flight crews fly better and more safely. Manufactured in Germany and developed entirely in-house, the systems are unique worldwide and based on the latest digital avionics technology.

AIR Com and AIR Control Display are the smallest and lightest certified systems on the market. The AIR Transponder, an extremely compact ADS-B transponder, will be presented for the first time at AERO Friedrichshafen 2024 and will go on sale after next year.

The AIR transponder is extremely small and light. Integrating the GPS position source eliminates a good deal of installation complexity that most compact class ADS-B transponders have today.

It also has a unique operating mode called "TABS Mode." TABS mode saves power and reduces the 1090 MHz frequency spectrum load by not responding to ATC interrogations. Even if you are not visible to air traffic control, in TABS mode, you remain visible to TCAS and electronic traffic warning systems in other aircraft. You also meet the latest requirements for uSpace (SERA.6005C).

All modules can be connected directly to a compact control unit. The complete solution is then half the size, cheaper to purchase, and 40% lighter than the most compact current systems on the market.


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