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Branch overview of the AERO 2024

Whether it be glider, aircraft of the 120-kg ultralight class, VLA, gyrocopter or helicopter, single- or multiengine piston aircraft, turboprop aircraft or business jet, visitors to AERO Friedrichshafen can experience the fascinating world of aviation up close. Innovative engines, propellers, avionics equipment, maintenance and other services as well as pilot supplies are also covered by AERO 2024.

Piston Aircraft
e-flight expo
Business Aviation
April 17 - 19, 2024
AERO Gliding Expo
AERO Career Days
April 19 - 20, 2024

AERO Specials

Avionics Avenue

A full range of innovative systems for use in the cockpit will be on display in the Avionics Avenue special area. In addition to the Headset Test Area and the Garmin Lecture Room, flight control, radar, flight management and communication systems are also an integral part of this special show.

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Flight Simulator Area

Those who have never been in a cockpit yet, can experience the breathtaking feeling of taking-off and get a first impression of what it means to be a pilot. Experienced aviators visiting this special show area can find out more about advanced training options available and are given the opportunity to “fly” other aircraft types.

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Be a pilot

“Be a pilot” at AERO Friedrichshafen focuses on initial, advanced and refresher training of pilots. There are several questions that need to be answered before becoming a pilot and some obstacles need to be overcome – educational requirements, qualification tests and financing to name just a few.
Different training organizations will present themselves at the show and inform about different possibilities to obtain a pilot’s licence.

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Engine Area


Together with our media partner fliegermagazin the Engine Area will showcase a broad spectrum of different systems ranging from traditional engines to future propulsion technologies. Educational sessions about engine technology
will also be part of the AERO Conferences.

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aerokurier Maintenance Area

The AERO as the most important exhibition for General Aviation in Europe combines air sport like gliders and microlights, classic light planes like Cessna and co. as well as business aviation and helicopter operations. And as different as the sectors may be, what they all have in common is that they cannot take off without professional maintenance.

The aerokurier Maintenance Area brings some of the work that usually takes place behind hangar doors onto the stage in order to shine a spotlight on it. Whether converting from avgas to jet fuel engines, maintenance on turboprop engines, tips on tuning and ergonomics or presentations on the legal framework for aviation maintenance - renowned experts will be giving talks on stage and providing insights into the world of maintenance, repair and overhaul

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Hall overview 2024
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