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Discover the broad range of topics at AERO Friedrichshafen and get the latest updates within the areas which are relevant for you.

Whether it be glider, aircraft of the 120-kg ultralight class, VLA, gyrocopter or helicopter, single- or multiengine piston aircraft, turboprop aircraft or business jet, visitors to AERO Friedrichshafen can experience the fascinating world of aviation up close. Innovative engines, propellers, avionics equipment, maintenance and other services as well as pilot supplies are also covered by AERO 2024.

Branch overview of the AERO 2024

Piston engine-powered aircraft make up the majority of today’s General Aviation fleet. They are powered by one or two engines and usually seat two to six occupants. They continue to enjoy unabated popularity. According to industry association GAMA, 1,524 aircraft in this category were delivered last year. That was an increase of 8.2 percent compared to 2021.

At AERO in Friedrichshafen, the most important manufacturers in this segment will be showing a wide range of their aircraft in a wide variety of halls and in the show's static display. They also use the trade show as an ideal platform to present new versions or completely new designs.

Ultralight and microlight aircraft represent the most diversified segment of General Aviation. AERO visitors can regularly see this for themselves. There are ultralight fixed-wing aircraft, gyrocopters, helicopters and gliders. They are used as training, travel and pure fun aircraft and are the ideal entry into General Aviation. What all ultralight aircraft have in common is that the aircraft’s weight is not to exceed 600 kilograms. ULs also have no need to hide in terms of performance and can also score points with low operating costs. The number of ultralight aircraft is continuously growing, not only in Germany, but throughout Europe. At the end of 2022, around 5,400 ultralight aircraft were registered in Germany alone. The number of UL pilots also reached a new high of over 27,300 (including gyrocopter pilots).

The industry is very innovative and impresses time and again with its diversity of ideas and speed of implementation.

Business Aviation is an important part of the global air transport system. As an individual means of transport, it offers direct flights in line with the needs of business travelers, specialists and private travelers. Around 10 percent of all Business Aviation flights in Europe serve humanitarian purposes such as transporting seriously ill patients, medical personnel and life-saving transplant organs.

The global business aircraft fleet currently includes about 23,000 business jets and about 15,000 turboprop-powered aircraft.

Helicopters, with their unique flying characteristics, are indispensable tools and an important part of General Aviation. Their ability to take-off and land vertically opens them up to a wide range of applications. Helicopters help security agencies fight crime, support search and rescue missions, transport patients to hospitals, support the maintenance of offshore installations, inspect rail lines and power lines, and fly heavy loads to construction sites with pinpoint accuracy and without the need for costly ground infrastructure.

In the Helicopter Hangar in Hall B5, visitors will find new and proven helicopter models in a wide range of categories. Helicopter manufacturers and distributors, helicopter operators and service providers as well as suppliers for helicopter operations will be presenting their services and products.

The German Helicopter Association (DHV) has been involved in AERO Friedrichshafen for many years with a joint member pavilion stand and organizes, a comprehensive, trade fair-accompanying four day conference in the Heli-Forum, which is dedicated exclusively to topics relating to rotorcraft.

Gyrocopters may look like helicopters at first glance, but despite their rotor, they are not helicopters. They are usually registered in the category of ultralight aircraft and are therefore inexpensive to operate.

Anyone thinking of buying their own gyrocopter will find what they are looking for at AERO, because gyrocopter manufacturers will be showing the full range of their aircraft in the B halls and especially in Hall B4 – the first gyrocopters are already flying with an innovative electric drive.

In addition to the classic areas of general aviation, the e-flight expo, AERO Drones and AERO Gliding Expo will take place as a "trade fair within the trade fair".

The e-flight-expo is an important part of the AERO Friedrichshafen. This is where the future of aviation is being shaped! Fairnamic Gmbh organizes the e-flight-expo in cooperation with Flying Pages GmbH as a trade show within the trade show. With the e-flight-expo, AERO Friedrichshafen launched the world's first exhibition for electric flying back in 2009. At the time, this was considered futuristic and was regarded by quite a few as technically impossible. Today, there are already the first certified electric aircraft that fly emission-free – and many manufacturers are working on their own projects in this area.

This year’s edition of the e-flight-expo from April 17 to 20, 2024, offers a good opportunity to celebrate the industry's successes within the last decade and to learn about the multitude of innovative solutions and projects in electric flight.

AERO Friedrichshafen started with glider manufacturers more than 40 years ago. Whether single or double-seater and from training gliders to the "Super Orchidee,” visitors will be able to find everything. The German manufacturers in particular are regarded as world leaders and have a long tradition.

Manufacturers from  Europe will now also be exhibiting numerous innovations  at Lake Constance. In addition to the proven winch and towing aircraft launching system, retractable propulsion units with various propulsion systems, such as piston and electric motors, are increasingly being used.

AERO Drones has become a must attend event for UAV missions within the para public sector in Europe. The dedicated 3-day event taking place again for the fourth time from April 17th to 19th during AERO Friedrichshafen 2024. Together with our partners the police of Baden-Württemberg, the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance and the UAV DACH Association we bring together the drone industry and the relevant users from the different para public authorities.

Beside the broad spectrum of exhibitors showcasing their innovations a high level 3-day conference programme elevates the knowledge transfer with key topics on U space, air space security, critical infrastructure protection and presentation from industry experts in cutting edge drone technology.

The main focus of AERO Drones is on exchanging and expanding experience and mission knowledge between police authorities, firefighters and rescue services and networking with the industry.

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AERO Specials

A full range of innovative systems for use in the cockpit will be on display in the Avionics Avenue special area. In addition to the Headset Test Area and the Garmin Lecture Room, flight control, radar, flight management and communication systems are also an integral part of this special show.

In the Headset Test Area , visitors will again be given the opportunity to try out the most advanced products as regards sound quality, noise reduction and comfort while wearing them. Pilots, purchasers and media representatives come to the Avionics Avenue to find out more about current trends in cockpit applications.

'Avionics' also constitute an important part of the AERO Conferences, which include a large number of high-quality presentations. Expert speakers will discuss current topics which complement the special exhibition perfectly.

Those who have never been in a cockpit yet, can experience the breathtaking feeling of taking-off and get a first impression of what it means to be a pilot. Experienced aviators visiting this special show area can find out more about advanced training options available and are given the opportunity to “fly” other aircraft types. Almost all aircraft models are available on the flight simulators.

The “Flight Simulator Area” is supported by FliegerRevue and Aerosoft.

“Be a pilot” at AERO Friedrichshafen focuses on initial, advanced and refresher training of pilots. There are several questions that need to be answered before becoming a pilot and some obstacles need to be overcome – educational requirements, qualification tests and financing to name just a few.
Different training organizations will present themselves at the show and inform about different possibilities to obtain a pilot’s licence.

In order to assess future pilots in terms of their aptitude and abilities, Aviation Media & IT GmbH has developed a specific computer-based screening tool. Capacitive, psychomotor and knowledge-based performance areas relevant for pilot aptitude assessment will be checked.

As part of the „Be a pilot“ initiative, fairnamic GmbH and the Airline Test Training Center (ATTC) as well as our media partners aerokurier and will invite all those interested to undergo such a screening to find out if they have the necessary aptitude to become a pilot. Screening will be free of charge and available at aerokurier's booth on all four days of the trade show.

Within the AERO Career Sessions you can get insights in presentations and exchange information with industry representatives in panels and Q&A sessions.

Get in touch with over 25 exhibiting companies to learn more about their career and job opportunities and to shape the future of aviation.

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