With their unique flight characteristics, helicopters are indispensable tools and an important part of general aviation. In the Helicopter Hangar in Hall B5, visitors will find new and proven helicopter models of various (size) categories and application / mission categories. Helicopter manufacturers and dealers, helicopter operators and service providers as well as suppliers for helicopter operations will be presenting themselves.

Helicopters help security authorities to fight crime, search for and rescue people in emergency situations on mountains and at sea, transport seriously injured people to hospital as quickly as possible, transport pilots onto ships, support the maintenance of offshore wind farms, inspect railroad lines, pipelines and overland lines and fly heavy loads to construction sites with pinpoint accuracy and without the need for complex ground infrastructure.

The German Helicopter Association (DHV) has been involved in the AERO for years with a joint stand and organizes, among other things, a comprehensive conference accompanying the trade fair as part of the Heli-Forum, which is dedicated exclusively to topics relating to rotorcraft.

Robinson's world premiere at AERO Friedrichshafen Friedrichshafen 2024