Bi-directional test power supply with 1500V DC for new test requirements

Gustav Klein GmbH & Co. KG
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The need for higher performance in the automotive sector is also followed by the requirement to test with higher voltages. There is an increasing need for this, especially in the commercial vehicle sector, which affects vehicle-internal components such as drive trains, inverters, charging boosters, batteries and fuel cells, to the same extent as the charging infrastructure (e.g. MCS).

With the Infeed Test System I-TS-3872, Gustav Klein offers an outstanding solution for these requirements. The scalable bidirectional test power supply is available in the continuous power ranges from 300KW up to 1200kW (up to 1380kW peak power) and offers an adjustable voltage range of 10V - 1500V with a center tap thanks to the 3-level technology. The current range of the I-TS-3872 is ± 1000A or ± 2000A.

As standard, the power supply has protection class IP54 with direct water cooling of the components and a small footprint. Decoupling the internal cooling circuit from the external cooling water circuit using water/water heat exchangers protects the system components, increases reliability and reduces the demands on the external cooling water circuit.

The test power supply is rounded off by the standard high safety level with Performance Level PLd (ISO13849-1/EN60204-1), optionally PLe, as well as the integrated control concept with various interfaces.