Empowering Green Aviation: The MEGABOOST AVIATION eGPU Impact on Airport and MRO Sustainability

BV Corporation
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eGPU: 100% Electrical and Rechargeable Group Power Unit

The GPU - Ground Power Unit - range from BV Corporation, particularly the MEGABOOST AVIATION eGPU, represents a significant innovation for airports by providing an eco-friendly, electric power supply solution for aircraft.

This transition to electric Ground Power Units (GPUs) aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainability in the aviation industry, reducing carbon emissions and noise pollution at airports.

The eGPU Megaboost offers a reliable, efficient, and cleaner alternative to traditional  diesel-powered GPUs, meeting the operational needs of modern airports while supporting their environmental goals.

Airports and Civil and Mititary maintenance bases are already provided with MEGABOOST AVIATION eGPU from BV Corporation.

For more detailed information, please visit  BV Corporation's website or visit us on our booth. An eGPU will be exhibiting as a Demo unit.

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Romain Campmas
Managing Director

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Romain Campmas
Managing Director


E GPU SAD405 SB sur Phenom
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SAD101 SB26 H160 BAN