Geocross paver for grass airfield surfaces

Geoplast s.p.a.
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GEOCROSS is a very robust paver made of 100% recycled PE-HD designed for the consolidation of grass airfield surfaces. It is used when the ground is prone to getting soft and muddy when wet. It increases the soil resistance and improves safety by providing a hard and solid surface for aircraft to use and prevents mud from splashing onto wing and control surfaces as well as windows and windscreen. 

It is used for apron, taxyway and runway surfaces, as well as more generally for vehicle parking areas.

Geocross is installed directly onto the existing grass surface, without having to excavate any part of it. The pavers are rolled into the ground where it will lodge firmly. Its large contact surface provides support and they will not sink into muddy or soft ground.

Geocross is manufactured in Italy by Geoplast, an industrial company specialised in engineered products made of recycled plastic since 1974.

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