AIR Avionics shows new functions in traffic systems

AERO Friedrichshafen 2024: AIR Avionics shows new features in its popular collision avoidance products
April 11, 2024
AIR Avionics
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AERO Friedrichshafen 2024: AIR Avionics presents new functions in its popular collision avoidance products.

With its AIR Traffic systems, the German avionics manufacturer AIR Avionics is the market leader in Europe. Every day, thousands of private and commercial users rely on the comprehensive traffic detection system to fly more safely through the busy European airspace.

At AERO Friedrichshafen, the manufacturer will present software updates with many small innovations in the product family. One example is the traffic depiction in the AIR Traffic Display units, which has been completely revised. The aim was to make the display even more apparent and straightforward so that flight crews could quickly interpret complex traffic situations. To this end, the company cooperates with leading research institutes in human factors.

"The most important goal of our traffic systems is to support looking ahead. We are working hard to minimize the time it takes to identify traffic. This means that crews only have to look into the cockpit for a very short time and have more time to observe the airspace," explains Tobias Fetzer, CTO at AIR Avionics.

The new functions have been available to all users for several weeks through free software updates.

"It is important to us that a broad base of customers benefit from our innovations," says Marc Förderer, COO at AIR Avionics. "That's why it was an important development goal for us right from the start to make products expandable so that new functions can also be introduced later without great effort."

Information on AIR Avionics' traffic systems and the new functions is available on the company's website at

AIR Traffic Display with updated display that is even easier to interpret.


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