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TowFLEXX Aircraft Tugs


Electric and remote controlled aircraft tugs from 2 tons to 86 tons

What started as a hobby for personal use has grown into a great success worldwide over the last few years. In the beginning there was the problem - senior boss Hanns Schickling developed an electrical aid to get his own aircraft out of the hangar with less effort. The little helper called "SchleppMAXXE" quickly attracted attention, so that without further ado the company moved from single-piece production to series manufacturing. The small tugs are still being built today.

The company, headquartered in northern Germany, is now focused on purely electric, remote-controlled towing equipment for aircraft with a take-off weight of up to 86,000kg. A topic that could not be more relevant, as airports worldwide are converting their grounds support equipment, as well as tugs, to environmentally friendly and sustainable products in order to permanently achieve emission-free operations on the ground.

As if that were not enough, TowFLEXX tugs offer an unbeatable advantage: the unique 360° technology allows the nose wheel to be kept straight in the direction of travel at all times, thus avoiding costly damages. Since the tugs can be freely rotated around the nose wheel, the space in the hangar can be used much more efficiently, so that either additional parking space can be rented out or more aircraft can be serviced at the same time.

Advantages that have now been recognised not only by well-known aircraft manufacturers such as Bombardier for their production facilities, but also by many MROs, FBOs and military forces, such as the US Air Force, which uses TowFLEXX equipment worldwide and even takes them along on missions.

In addition to the recently completed new office building, production will soon be expanded as well. For customers willing to test, we have set up a pop-up store at Ganderkesee Airport (EDWQ), where all models of the product series can be tested on site on your own aircraft; we pay the landing fees!

TowFLEXX TF5 at a major aerospace company in the USA


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