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IASA e.V. - the global association & network for sustainable aviaiton

The gateway to the future of aviation is called 'Sustainability.' In order to meet the requirements of the Paris Climate Agreement and to boost all aspects of sustainability, IASA provides an international, industry-wide communication platform. IASA's holistic approach to improving sustainability in aviation is based on innovation as well as a meticulous balance of the three pillars of sustainability: Economic Success. Social Responsibility. Environmental Footprint.

IASA e.V., founded in 2013, is a globally acting, non-profit organization based in Bonn, Germany. IASA is open to cooperation with aviation organizations, academic institutions, and intersectoral research organizations. Key activities include, but are not limited to:
• Sustainable Aviation Fuels: Near-term measures to mitigate the environmental impact of existing fleets through Sustainable Aviation Fuels, preferably based on near-unlimited scalable Power-to-Liquid Technologies using sustainable CO2 sources (IASA designation: SEROSIN) without impacting food supplies.
• Advanced Propulsion: All Electric Power Systems, Fuel Cells or Hydrogen.
• IASA Certified Sustainability: Unique certification system for aviation-related companies, businesses, and organizations.
• IASA Information Exchanges: 'GREENER SKIES AHEAD' Intl. Conferences and Workshops.
• IASA Personnel Education: Frequent Webinars and Seminars qualifying aviation personnel in 'Sustainability Reporting', becoming a 'Sustainability Auditor', or 'Sustainability Manager'.
• IASA Journal: Web-based magazine for the newest in sustainable aviation.
• IASA Young Professionals: Informal platform for students and young professionals interested in the sustainable aviation.


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