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Leichtwerk is a sophisticated technology supplier with EASA Part 21J approval. Our focus lies on qualified and efficient solutions for manned and unmanned aviation including concept design, lightweight and composite structures, avionics and energy as well as flight guidance and operations.

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Brochure about Leichtwerk's competencies regarding lightweight design with renewable materials

Conventional fiber-reinforced plastics, e.g. carbon come with major environmental problems, regarding energy-intensive production, fossil raw materials and poor recyclability. As an alternative to conventional FRP we offer solutions for innovative lightweight structures made from renewable materials such as wood and natural fiber reinforced plastics, e.g. flax. These materials have excellent specific strengths and stiffnesses comparable to those of aluminum and steel. This makes them particularly interesting for applications with moderate load requirements, where they eneable lighter and more efficient structures.

Based on our aviation-grade development processes we transfer our deep FRP-knowhow to this versatile material class, including:
- Mechanical and environmental characterization of the materials
- Analytical and numerical structural analysis
- Composite analysis including fracture mechanics, damage tolerance, bonding
- Geometry design (CAD) and Topology optimization
- Wide spectrum of manufacturing including CNC, 3D-printing, SLS/SLM, laser-cutting, surface protection

Lightweight Design with Renewable Materials
Brochure on Leichtwerk's competencies on liquid hydrogen tanks made of fiber-reinforced composites

Leichtwerk has created a state-of-the-art tank system for the storage and transport of liquid hydrogen (LH2) and other liquid gases. The ultralight design reaches specific mass efficiencies of up to 35 %. Our liner/carbon fiber inner vessel has proved to be helium-tight. Applying a super-insulated design with a vacuum and multi-layer-insulation we reach an extremely low rate of permeation and venting-losses. This enables storages of LH2 without blowoff for up to 2 days.

We qualify the entire tank technology through our aviation-grade development process by thorough testing programs including cryo material and coating evaluation, thermal and pressure cycling, permeation and leakage testing and structural loading up to ultimate loads.

Ultralight Composite Liquid Hydrogen Tanks
Brochure about Leichtwerk's competencies regarding ground vibration testing and flutter analysis

Leichtwerk AG offers aeroelastic and flutter analysis including all necessary aspects of the assessment. We determine the eigenmodes of the aircraft within a previously defined frequency range. This can be done experimentally by ground vibration tests (GVT) on the aircraft or on the basis of a numerical model. For the purpose of a GVT, the aircraft is equipped with sensors and vibrated with the aid of electrodynamic exciters. These vibrations are recorded using special measuring equipment. The tests may be carried out both at the site of Leichtwerk AG or of the customer.

For the numerical determination of the vibrations, we have the capability to create customer-specific CAD- and FE-models including the integration of already existing numerical models. A reduced static vibration test to validate the numerical model complements this approach to verification.

Ground Vibration Testing and Flutter Analysis


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