Hello! Welcome to the channels, profiles and pages of fairnamic GmbH. We use various channels for our social media presence; this netiquette applies to all the platforms.

Your opinion is valuable! We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions about our posts. We will take your criticism seriously, try to respond appropriately and accommodate your suggestions for improvement where it makes sense.

When commenting, please remember that you are communicating with real people and not with automated Q&A chatbots. So please treat others the way you want to be treated yourself. Of course, this applies not only to us, but to all users who visit our channels.

We accept criticism, but not hate. We will not tolerate the following behavior on our channels:

  • Hate speech, in particular any insulting, degrading and discriminating of people or groups of people, in particular because of their religion, ethnic origin, nationality, physical condition, sexual identity, age or gender
  • Threats and calls for violence against institutions, companies, individuals or groups of people
  • Statements that are likely to endanger the general public, individuals or groups of people
  • Pornography, obscenities, and other youth-endangering content
  • Infringement of third-party rights
  • Publishing private information (e.g., contact details, phone numbers or addresses)
  • Election and party advertising
  • Calls for campaigns, demonstrations, rallies or donations
  • Abuse of the comment function as an advertising space for websites, goods and services as well as interest groups (spamming)
  • Automatically/machine-generated comments (in particular by bots) or comments that are obviously part of a campaign (shitstorm) may be deleted or their senders blocked.
  •  Complete quotations without the express permission by the owner of the rights (e.g., whole articles)
  • Quotations without stating the source or the author
  • Comments that do not relate to the topic of the post
  • Links to external websites without reference to the original post
  • In short: No hate speech, no insults, no trolling and no spam

Users who repeatedly or considerably violate these rules despite being warned will be blocked and criminally relevant comments will be reported. "Repeat offenders" will be restricted and, if necessary, also blocked. We also reserve the right to delete comments that do not contribute to a constructive discussion or have nothing to do with our services. There will be no discussion about deleted comments. All users are responsible for their own comments. Fairnamic GmbH assumes no liability in this regard. In addition, we reserve the right to modify this netiquette at any time at our own discretion.

Our channels are public, so are your comments. With each comment you post, you are participating in a public discussion and, with this, grant us the right to quote your contribution to the discussion, stating your name.

Stay kind!

Your fairnamic-Team