Martin Steffen Song-Electro

Electric Ultralight airplane Song e120 Weight: 120kg; Wingspan: 11.2m; Length: 5.6m; MTOW: 235kg; Rate of descent: 1m/s; Stallspeed: 55kmh; VNe: 146km/h; gliding performance: open propeller: 21; folded propeller: 23-24. Engine: Geiger systems, 16kw; 110Ah.
Hall/Stand No. A7-223

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  • Sustainable Aviation Trail
  • Ultralight/ Microlight Aircraft (UL)


SONG 120 electro


Category 1.3.1. - UL
Type Designation Song electro 120
Registration DMEVK
MTOW in kg 235
Wing span in m 11,2
Overall length in m 5,6
Year of construction 2011
Number of seats 1
Flighthours ca. 50
Type of motor Geiger
Equipment Höhenmesser, Fahrtmesser


Wildberg 26
88138 Weissensberg