Future Meets History: AERO Further Expands Portfolio With New Fly-In Event

New star on the horizon: With AERO Fly-In, fairnamic and air sports partners initiate new community event in Ostalbkreis in summer 2024 – Traditional airfield festival extended by the industry trend of sustainability
March 20, 2024

Europe's leading trade fair for general aviation is not only celebrating its 30th anniversary in Friedrichshafen this year, but also an event premiere at Aalen-Elchingen Airfield with AERO Fly-In. In cooperation with the fair's partners Luftraum Süd and Luftsportring Aalen, the traditional airfield festival in the Ostalbkreis district (Baden-Württemberg) will be conceptually expanded under the motto "Future Meets History." From vintage to electrically powered aircraft, on the ground and in the air – in late summer, from August 31 to September 1, 2024, the new AERO Fly-In will bring together the general aviation community and all flight enthusiasts in an outdoor environment with simple fly-in rules and attractive forms of participation.

"With our e-flight expo, AERO has been the leading international point of contact for innovative technologies and trends from the general aviation industry for years. Sustainable concepts and the role of electric aircraft are increasingly coming into focus. We are always interested in giving new impetus, expanding our portfolio and are pleased to offer the community – for the first time this summer and true to the motto "Future Meets History" – a platform where fans of both conventionally operated aircraft and future-oriented electric aircraft could exchange ideas," explains AERO project manager Tobias Bretzel. "The fact that the AERO Fly-In will be organized on the basis of the popular airfield festival, which has attracted more than 10,000 visitors so far, is an excellent starting position. Organizing the event at Elchingen Airfield also enables easy fly-in rules with many arrivals and departures, lots of outdoor exhibition areas with simple setup conditions, while on-site camping provides the necessary festival spirit. With Luftraum Süd and Luftsportring Aalen, we have renowned partners with many years of event experience on board. Also, the transport links and infrastructure are very good."

Thanks to the cooperation, visitors can look forward to an extension of the tried-and-tested supporting program. In addition to highlights such as airshows and special shows, numerous exhibiting companies from the areas of electric flight, accessories, and equipment as well as flight schools are expected this year. Furthermore, there is the newly created networking aspect with possibilities for professional exchange, information and lectures.

The event premiere in summer 2024 will appeal to flight enthusiasts, private pilots, but also to all aviation enthusiasts and families.

To properly celebrate the first anniversary of AERO Fly-In, the hangar of the adjacent Luftraum Süd venue will open its doors too. "We have known the AERO Friedrichshafen team for a long time. Now we are pleased to showcase this partnership for the first time in Elchingen and to gain more recognition with our modern event location including a permanent exhibition of vintage aircraft classics," says Karl F. Grimminger, owner of Luftraum Süd.

Dr. Helmut Albrecht, CEO of Luftsportring Aalen, adds: "We have been holding the airfield festival for several decades now and are proud of the expansion of the offer. The airfield will become a place of exchange beyond the regional limits, where not only those interested can learn more about aviation, but where private pilots of all aircraft types can also see for themselves one of the most beautiful airfields in Germany."

Further information on the premiere of the AERO Fly-In from August 31 to September 1 in Aalen-Elchingen will follow shortly.

Should you already have questions or need information, please use the following contact details.

If you're an exhibitor: exhibitors-aeroflyin@fairnamic.com

If you're a pilot: edpa@lsr-aalen.de

About Luftsportring Aalen: The association is the sole owner and operator of the 50-hectare Aalen-Elchingen Airfield and offers its 600 members both the use of the aircraft park, consisting of gliders and powered aircraft, as well as flight training. The traditional airfield festival has been held every two years since 1979. For further information please visit: https://www.lsr-aalen.de/

About Luftraum Süd: The modern event location is directly adjacent to the airfield and presents a collection of vintage aircraft in its 3000 m2 hangar. The collection was completed in 2019. In addition, Luftraum Süd's 1200 m2 is multifunctional and provides space for various events and shows. https://www.luftraum-sued.de/