Sustainability is a strong prospect for aviation

Sustainability of aviation is a top topic at the trade fair - AERO Sustainable Aviation Trail will be labeled again + + + e-Flight Expo und AERO Hydrogen & Battery Summit
February 19, 2024

The anniversary AERO (April 17 - 20, 2024) will focus on the future of aviation. Sustainable aviation fuels, new propulsion systems, new energy sources and new aerodynamic concepts form a bundle of innovations that will lead aviation into the future. At the anniversary airshow on Saturday (April 20, 2024), aircraft with electric propulsion will also be in the air.

"We are currently experiencing more exciting innovations in aviation than we have seen for years: electric flight, flying with hydrogen and fuel cells, sustainably produced fuels, new aerodynamic concepts and major advances in lightweight design show that aviation has accepted the challenges and has solutions ready that will lead to a sustainable future. We are proud that we have been supporting this process for years with the e-Flight Expo and actively accompanying it with new formats such as the AERO Hydrogen & Battery Summit," explains Tobias Bretzel, AERO show director at fairnamic GmbH.

The importance of AERO for sustainable aviation is underlined by leading global manufacturers who will be presenting their innovations for the future to the expert AERO audience as exhibitors. These include Safran Electrical & Power, VoltAero, Zuri, BRM, H55, Electra Solar, Aura Aero, Kas-Aero and the German Aerospace Center (DLR), one of the world's leading aerospace research institutions.

With the AERO Sustainable Aviation Trail, the trade fair organizers are using green balloons at the stands to highlight exhibitors who are particularly dedicated to the topic of sustainable aviation. This year, there will be more stations on the AERO Sustainable Aviation Trail than ever before.

The AERO Hydrogen & Battery Summit is taking place for the second time as part of AERO. After the inaugural event attracted a great deal of international attention, this year's top-class specialist conference will be expanded to include the important topic of battery technology and will start on the afternoon of April 16.

Sustainability in aviation is holistic and not limited to pure flight operations and aircraft. Manufacturers have already developed products that enable low-emission training for pilots and technicians by using virtual reality (VR) to replace real flights and dangerous and challenging situations. Apps and flight planning software enable climate-optimized routings that make optimal use of winds and even avoid the formation of contrails in commercial aviation.

A one-hour airshow on Saturday (April 20, 2024) will also feature aircraft with electric propulsion. At AERO, the trade fair organizers will also offer a look back with the anniversary exhibition "30th AERO", in which photos and documents show the long and successful history of the trade fair in Friedrichshafen.

"Aviation has a long tradition, but also a great future, and this future is sustainable," Tobias Bretzel is convinced. At the anniversary AERO 2024, visitors will be able to see this for themselves. "Aviation has a long tradition, but also a great future, and this future is sustainable," Tobias Bretzel is convinced. Visitors can see this for themselves at the anniversary AERO 2024.