e-flight-expo - ecological, electrical, evolutionary

The e-flight-expo, organised in co-operation with Flying Pages GmbH, will be, once again, a major section at AERO Friedrichshafen. As in other industries, electro mobility continues to gain in importance in the aviation sector as well. The 'e' in e-flight stands for ecological, electrical, evolutionary to promote ecological sustainability and progress in aviation. You can already register for the e-flight expo, just fill out the  form  and send it back to us. We look forward to hear from you!

When AERO Friedrichshafen started the e-Flight-Expo in 2009 it was the world first show for electrical Aircraft. For the upcoming edition, the e-flight-expo will focus on innovations, recruitment and creating social acceptance.

People say time flies. With electric propulsion, time seems flying even faster. In year 2019 we had the 10th e-flight-expo. When the e-flight-expo was founded, at the AERO Expo in 2009 by AERO and Flying Pages GmbH, it was the world’s first and only trade show dedicated to electric aviation. It seemed quite futuristic to even think about electric airplane back then, if not too lunatic. 

Since then, smart phones, 4G & 5G network, consumer drones, electric cars, auto drive, air quality, extreme weather and connected mobility solutions have become prevailing commercial products and social subjects around the world. Propelled by these technologies and the associated changing mindset of the market and the society, electric aviation has been evolving from “impossible” into “inevitable”. 

As a good indicator of the market trend, e-flight-expo has become larger and large in scale within the last years and introduced the world’s first e-flight-show at AERO 2017. 

The next e-flight-expo will be held from April 27th until the 30th at AERO in Friedrichshafen, Germany. It will be a good opportunity to celebrate what have been archived in electric aviation in the past decade and to look into the future. We are making great efforts to organize a historical event with the largest ever electric aviation expo in terms of numbers and diversity. Looking forward to seeing you at the e-flight-expo in April 2021 at the banks of Lake Constance.


We would be pleased to provide you, on request, with a tailor-made proposal at special rates for an e-flight-expo booth.


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